Nowadays art is everywhere and more often it is being introduced into many areas: architecture, typography, interior design, fashion, advertising and much more. There is now a trend towards the use of pictorial techniques in advertising design such as the use of acrylic brushstrokes and abstract expressionism.

Fine art infusion — is the influence of fine art on the perception and evaluation of products. It gives complete freedom of self-expression when creating products and it’s not limited by the law of color, texture, shape or space.

One advantage of this style is with the use of paint, which can fill…


- “We have salads. Do you have ideas?”. We were asked to develop an advertising campaign for the brand in order to increase demand and expand the target audience.

Moscow City, Russia


— “There’s an empty site in Moscow City and we want to turn it into a store. Waiting for your ideas.”

Every day, more and more users prefer communicating with brands through social networks and other communication channels. The most important thing for the brand is to get closer to the client: to understand what he wants, speak the same language and be useful. In turn, clients have one priority — to support the brand.

Often overlooked, social media comment moderation plays a critical role in a company’s reputation online. Over the past decade, social media platforms have become essential for brands to position themselves and communicate about their products and/or services for commercial purposes. Before that, messages went out from…

“New — is the well forgotten old”

Based on this principle, most “new” ideas originate from the past. The “Retro” style is one that adheres to this trend.

Today we would like to talk about how retro style is used in design. This style can be seen in different logos, web design, etc.

The use of retro style in advertising, attracts with its mysteriousness and visual nostalgia. Designers use this style, highlighting the features of the product by creating a special feeling of the past and distinguishing themselves from their competitors.

Let’s discuss further about the basic principles of retro…

For the Rémy Cointreau project we managed the social media accounts for the company’s brands: Rémy Martin, Cointreau and Metaxa.

While working on this project, we were faced with the following tasks: to build a communication strategy, to design the rubricators, to create a holistic visual concept, to make unique content: 3D videos and animation, to develop a content plan, to adapt materials from the global office, to write post texts, to purge the brand’s account of inferior audiences, to integrate opinion leaders’ publications into the profile’s overall content grid and to create and implement additional advertising campaigns.

The main sales driver of any product is always its packaging. You can have a high-quality and useful product but if the packing is unattractive or gets lost in the background of its competitors, it immediately loses its value.

Product packaging comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be bottles or boxes, but in any case, it’s not just a container for the product but a channel for the brand to communicate with its audience. To hook consumers and entice them to buy your product, you must understand what their needs are and what attracts them to your packaging…

“Simple doesn’t mean boring”

We would like to talk about Flat Design, which gained its popularity in 2012–2014 and is still quite popular today.

Flat design is a design direction quite opposite to the concept of skewformism — a direction that seeks to embody the real appearance of objects with the help of realistic textures, shadows and gradients. Opposing the methods of “real” rendering of objects, Flat design manifests itself in minimalism. All images are created without conveying volume with the help of clear edges.

This direction is based on 5 principles:

  1. Lack of Volumetric Effects
Business cards for Furtseva Library

We’ve always wanted to make our world a better place. That is why, in addition to commercial projects, we also work with social ones. With such projects, we can convey to people our philosophy, values and share our approach to fulfill non-standard projects.

For the local Russian market we took on a project for the Furtseva Library. We developed a modern corporate identity and tried to make it understandable in order to attract proper attention to the project.

Today we would like to share with you a small part of what we have achieved over the years at NewDay Agency — our outstanding projects for different markets and areas — from SMM to CGI.

Follow the link to see our showreel. Enjoy!

NewDay Agency

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